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Benefit for our reseller

If you become our hosting service reseller, you would get 25% discount on all our hosting plans.

Why resell our hosting service?
You can provide professional hosting service to your clients with a lower cost.

Who can become our resellers?
Anyone who have potential hosting clients can be our resellers, for examples, free-lance web designer, web programmers and web design companies etc.

How to become our resellers?
If you host more than 3 domains in our server, you can be our reseller. Please contact us through e-mail if you want to be our reseller.

Benefit for our referrers

If you refer one hosting client to us, you can get one month free hosting service for your existing domain.

Who can become our referrers?
All our existing hosting clients can be referrers.

How to become our referrers?

Please enter your existing domain name on our order form when you apply new hosting a/c for your friends.

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