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Customer Service

1. Does UPDATED provide dial-up service?
2. Can I register more than one domain name?
3. Can I buy a sub-domain name for a long-term use?
4. Can I register a domain name but don't use UPDATED hosting service?
5. I want to setup a newsgroup, do UPDATED provide this service?
6. I am using BASIC hosting Plan but want to change to ADVANCED plan, what should I do?
7. Does UPDATED give special offer of hosting If I host more than one-domain names?
8. Can I use one hosting account to host more than one domain name?
9. Will UPDATED terminate the hosting service when I paid the fee late?
10. Will any additional charge when I want to restart the hosting services?
11. Under what condition UPDATED would terminate my hosting service?

Technical Aspect

1. How can I upload the file to the web?
2. What is the setting of my mail client such as Outlook Express or Netscape Messenger?
3. How can I use FrontPage 98/2000 to admin my website?
4. How to run CGI program on UPDATED server ?
5. Why I can't use the function of SSI (Server-Side Includes)?